Lost Investment Certificates

Three consecutive notices must be published in a newspaper with countrywide circulation. The notice must contain:
  • Complete name(s) of the titleholder(s) of the Investment Certificate that has been lost or misplaced;
  • Number of National Electoral Identity Card (Cédula) of the titleholder(s) (optional);
  • Number of the Investment Certificate; and
  • Number of the Investment, if possible.

The three (3) aforementioned published notices shall be certified by the newspaper’s publisher and served via Court Clerk to the Legal Department of the Central Bank.

Following the above mentioned service of the notices on the Legal Department of the Central Bank, the issuance of a new certificate shall proceed as soon as possible, provided that no justifiable causes exist that would prevent the requested issuance of the investment certificate. In order to take possession of the new investment certificate, the investor should visit the Customer Service area of the Treasury Department.

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