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Sale of Collector's Coins and Bills

Cultural Department/Numismatic and Philatelic Museum.
Legal Base:
The First Resolution of the Monetary Board, dated January 25, 1973, that bestows the Central Bank with the ability to sell bills, bill samples and coins for numismatic purposes.
Indicate which bills or coins are to be purchased.
  1. The interested party will proceed to the lobby of the Numismatic and Philatelic Museum and indicate which of the bills or coins in exhibit are desired for purchase.
  2. The relevant Museum staff will verify the existence in the file corresponding to each piece and will fill out the “Request of Sale of Bills and Coins” form. The staff member will then give this form to the interest party, who will subsequently proceed to make the appropriate payment at the Cashier.
  3. The interested party will present the duly paid and stamped “Sale of Bills, Samples of Bills and Numismatic Coins” form and retrieves the coins or bills at the Museum’s Lobby.
Response time:

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