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Main Functions

  1. To execute the monetary and exchange policies, in accordance with the Monetary Program approved by the Monetary Board and exclusively by the use of the instruments established within the Monetary and Financial Law.
  2. To issue bills and coins.
  3. To compile and elaborate the statistics of the payment balance, the monetary, real and financial sector and others that may be necessary to fulfill its functions.
  4. To efficiently manage the country’s international reserve, in order to preserve its security, to ensure a suitable liquidity and at the same time establish its efficient profitability.
  5. To manage the Contingency Fund established by the Monetary and Financial Law, as well as the Bank Consolidation Fund established by the Systemic Risk Law.
  6. The supervision and final liquidation of the payment systems as well as of the interbank market.
  7. To propose regulatory projects to the Monetary Board related to the monetary, foreign exchange, and financial spheres.
  8. To undertake a comprehensive analysis of the Dominican financial system, estimating its level of systemic risk, and designing and proposing the regulatory measures to be derived from this analysis and estimate.
  9. To impose penalties for deficiency complying with the mandatory bank reserve, breach of the operative norms of the payment systems or other sanctions established within the Monetary and Financial Law.
  10. To offset any inflationary tendency.
  11. To regulate the national financial system by the established guarantees and limitations.
  12. To promote the liquidity and solvency of the Nation’s banking system.
  13. To create the conditions to maintain the external value and convertibility of the Nation’s currency.
  14. To undertake foreign exchange operations in accordance with applicable laws and/or the resolutions issued by the Monetary Board to such effect.
  15. To undertake other functions as may be ascribed according to the Law.

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