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Term Investment Certificates

The Central Bank of the Dominican Republic hereby notifies the general public, as well as non-financial companies, as to the temporary suspension, as of September 3, 2009, of the term investment certificate operations carried out through direct trading, for both new investments and renewals.

This measure will be applied to Term Investment Certificates traded in conformity with the following Resolutions:
  1. Eleventh Resolution, of January 19, 2006, and its amendments.
  2. First Resolution, of February 8, 2007, and its amendments.
  3. Fifth Resolution, of June 21, 2007, and its amendments.

As of September 3, 2009, the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic shall not negotiate new investments or renewal requests for Term Investment Certificates through direct trading. Accordingly, investors must withdraw their investments at maturity. It is understood that Term Investment Certificates shall bear interest only until their maturity.

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